Have A Canaries Christmas with ‘Got, Not Got: Norwich City’

From Great Yarmouth to Kings Lynn, if you have yellow and green running through your veins then you need ‘GNG: NCFC’ on your Christmas list…

norwich ad copy


Back in the Eighties and Nineties, it was the sheer unavailability of up-to-the-minute club information that made it so tantalising. So valuable.
You wouldn’t want everyone else to know that Ruel Fox had a hammy, would you? – not if you were still thinking he might be playing Saturday. You wouldn’t want to miss what ‘Wantaway’ Mike Phelan had allegedly denied this morning – or boss Dave Stringer’s counter-denials of any new midfield ace rumours. Ahh, the rumours…
The Clubcall service came as a blessing for all fans – especially those exiled from local news and those trapped at work with the benefit of a free phone to avoid the disgraceful premium call rates.

clubcall norwich
At the end of the line – literally – was a local newspaper stringer (or at least an Ansafone recording of him) summing up back-page stories from yesterday’s evening paper and this morning’s tabs. To deliver value for money, he also used to make up juicy filler on the spot, and read it out. S-l-o-w-l-y.
“Hello… and it’s a big… Canaries… welcome… to your exclusive… front-line… Clubcall service for… Norwich City… Football… Club.
“Listen to… Clubcall… for all the latest… news… and… information…”
Because we were paying by the second.

“It’s like a peep into the spare room cupboards, the lofts and garages of all us Norwich fans.
There’s no record of games, no stats, no dull review of Norwich’s history, just page after page of nostalgia, all with a yellow and green theme.
There’s shocking hair, big moustaches, funny football stickers, old programmes and retro kits galore as well as some iconic City pictures such as Steve Bruce and Jerry Goss scoring their famous goals and the obligatory shot of Norwich training on Mousehold Heath in the the 1970s.
If, like me, you enjoy wallowing in the past, this 128-page book is for you. And I am sure it’ll have you digging out those old City gems once you’ve read it.”
N Richards

Order your copy on Amazon now, by clicking HERE.



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