Sign of the Times

Steve Mitchell’s latest addition to the ‘Got, Not Got’ blog…

When I watch football in today’s state of the art stadia with their huge electronic advertising around the pitch trying to sell you the latest pair of super duper football boots in three very different but still incredibly garish colours; or your team advertising their latest ‘Megastore’ promotions in every language but the one you are conversed in, I long for the days when perimeter advertising was simple and non intrusive on your match day experience.roof ads a

Rizla, Esso and Bells Scotch Whisky were just two of the staple diets around British football grounds in the 70’s and 80’s Radio Rentals always providing the backdrop at Wembley on Cup Final Day. Anyone who stood at the scoreboard end of Old Trafford will have Wonderfuel Gas etched into their memories forever from its spot on the roof of the Stretford End.  Remember when Sportsnight brought us football from around the continent?  Oh how we marvelled at such companies as Bic or Canon Copiers or the latest brand of pasta (what the hell was that!) if an Italian club was hosting Liverpool, Nottingham Forest or Aston Villa.

esso strip

Returning to the Twin Towers, I remember my first visit in 1978 was on a works trip that my old man’s firm had organised to see England schoolboys take on France (schoolboys not the full national team). As I recall, it was an absolute ripsnorter of a game with a very young Paul Rideout grabbing a couple of goals in a 3-3 draw.  But my overriding memory of the day was the advertisement behind one of the goals for the Coca-Cola Soccer Skills courses, which just 12 months later led to me getting a silver medal, certificate signed by a fully qualified FA coach and the self confidence to believe I could make it as a professional footballer…

rizla copy

So this blog is dedicated to all of the above along with Reddifusion, Long John Scotch Whiskey, Midland Bank, Younger’s Tartan Bitter, Holsten Pils, Hornby Trains, Pye, Ferguson, Hitachi and (insert local business name here) plumbing & heating services. There are many, many more I could mention and I hope that readers of this blog will fill in the blank spaces with their own favourites. Now, I wonder how Hamlet cigars would look in Korean?

Much, much more of this sort of stuff in ‘The Lost World of Football’ – available now in branches of WH Smiths and Waterstones or can be ordered online here…  

lwof bottom



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10 Responses to Sign of the Times

  1. Double Two Shirts, Arnold Laver, Minolta Copiers, SIMOD, GOLA, ASCOT, Lois Jeans, Nicks, Hi-Tec to name but a few.

  2. The Halifax, Girobank, Midland Bank, TSB, Danepak Bacon, Norwich Union, Forsters Lager, Visionhire, Radio Rentals, Rumbelows, Intersport…

  3. says:

    Those adverts in the 70s at Stamford Bridge with films, like Emmanuelle, The Towering Inferno, The Exorcist, Barry Lydon, etc. Also Mackeson!, Minster Shandy, GO ESSO.. BUY ESSO, Shell Economy, Stanley Tools, Bovis, Britvic, Yankie Bars, Tiklas Anoraks, Embassy Cigars, Castella Cigars, Diamanthuset, Myresjöhus and those Swedish adverts in the late 80s-early 90s

  4. thefoxfanzine says:

    I can’t currently access Twitter so you might want to tweet it!

  5. thefoxfanzine says:

    I used to sit behind the middle I of Visionhire on the Kop wall at Filbert Street so I could see myself on the telleh.

  6. scherben909 says:

    I hated that wonderfuel gas thing on the Stretty. So imagine how I feel now…

  7. kev hennessy says:

    Even though I spent my childhood in the Shed at the Bridge no advert impressed me more than the Fred Perry one at Goodison Park.

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