That Mitre ball with the red stripe…

These days we are used to balls tailored to individual clubs and the different seasons of the year, but this one caused a bit of a stir breaking down the barriers of plain white that we had been long used to… 

mitre ball

We have a feeling that this Football League designed ball made its debut in the 1979 League Cup final between Nottingham Forest and Southampton, but we have been wrong before.

mitre ball match

Due to its patchy red equator it looked a bit odd and wobbly in flight and wasn’t used for very long.

Do you know any more details about this ball, and what was your club’s finest hour hoofing it about?

Read more load of old balls, and approximately a million other things, in ‘The Lost World of Football’ is available now in branches of WH Smiths and Waterstones or can be ordered online here…  

lwof bottom


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10 Responses to That Mitre ball with the red stripe…

  1. You are right sir, 79 League Cup Final was its début. A mate then brought one to school and we thought it was the dogs. Looking back, it was an awful ball.

  2. As for favourite moment I would have to say a cracking right foot half volley one school lunchtime by yours truly circa May 1980. I do remember Sammy Mac scoring a cracker v City in a derby game at OT around that period.

  3. thefoxfanzine says:

    They are Manchester United signatures on that ball.

  4. njmacleod says:

    At various times these balls were made by Stuart Surridge (who I think were first), Mitre and Minerva. In fact you can still buy the Stuart Surridge version here: in sizes 3,4 and 5

  5. Phil says:

    Ha ha..I bought two of these Surridge balls this very week. One to use, the other to marvel at it’s sheer beauty. I recognise Jimmy Nicholl’s signiture on the ball above.

  6. David Jameson says:

    Ah, definitely the 5-1 tonking we handed Rotherham in 82 – we owe it all to the Football League wonder ball! 🙂

  7. scherben909 says:

    United’s title challenge of 1979-80 stands out for me

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