Your favourite programmes…

No, not ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Game of Thrones’…. them things you buy before the football. 

Or, in my case, used to.
They just take up too much shelf space these days, each one perfectly bound like a small book. A season’s worth takes up nearly a foot.

Here are some of your suggestions…

portsmouth prog

 Alan ‏@1ofthe8015mcfc on Twitter told us he liked Portsmouth circa 1967: “Info packed with HMS Victory on the front of it. It was a small format I recall… pocket sized, loads of tables and stats etc. Ahead of its time. I wrote to the Manchester Evening News about it and they replied: “How did they get the ship inside the ground?””

canary prog

gilesmetcalfe2013 says: “I grew up watching Norwich City, so mine has to be The Canary.”
You can’t go wrong with a cheery yellow and green really..

man utd 77-78

Steve Mitchell nominates: “My personal favourite was the 1977-78 Manchester United one, despite them moving away from the traditional handshake frontage.
It was basically a year long tribute to them winning the 77 FA Cup.”

Send us your suggestions…

We are currently putting the finishing touches to ‘Got, Not Got: The Lost World of Manchester City’ and it will be available to buy in the spring.

Our other club edition scan be bought from Waterstones, WH Smiths, or online via Amazon by clicking on the covers below…

wh utd thumb m utd thumb l utd thumb

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