The Empire Strikes Back: ‘Lost World’ Better Than ‘Got, Not Got’ Shock!

Some luvverly reviews of The Lost World of Football, the club editions and What A Shot! here, from a variety of sources. Have a click around, and win yourself a copy of Lost World!
PressHere’s links to The Football Attic’s lavish overview of all the titles, Mirror Football‘s splendid gallery giveaway, and contributor Andy Ormerod’s delightful Hopping Around Hampshire.


  • “The answer to at least one of your Christmas prezzie headaches.” – Leicester Mercury
  • “Brilliant.” – Sport magazine
  •  “I can think of no one who would love this book more than Harry. If Jamie’s listening today, if you’re looking for a little stocking-filler for the old man, it’s just unashamed nostalgia… Give this to your dad on Christmas Day and you’re going to lose him ‘til dinner time, then again afterwards.” – Paul Hawksbee – talkSport
  • “The book is superb – an actual step up, if possible, on Got, Not Got. Got it, love it… lost about five hours at the weekend!” – In Bed With Maradona
  • “The follow up to the wonderful ‘Got, Not Got’ is another football lover’s delight. Deft and lovingly ironic writing, hundreds of pictures of a half forgotten world, and enough toys, stickers and football tat to keep very big boys entertained for hours — plus a timely reminder that Ian Rush was the inspiration for ‘Beaker’ from The Muppet Show. Essential.” – Esquire Weekly
  • “You’ve just put so much into this book – it’s a mixture of remarkable photographs, toys, stickers, club icons, and not forgetting the writing – it’s beautiful!” – Andy Jacobs – talkSport
  • “How do you follow up the best book ever written about football memories, memorabilia and childhood? With the best book ever written about bringing back that Golden Age.” –
  • “The postie has just delivered something truly magnificent. The match (and non-action!) pictures are sensational. The memorabilia stunning. The design style peerless. And, of course, the memories are priceless. The book contains every reason why I’m a Leeds fan – and reminds me that, sadly, it’s just not as much fun any more. Even my girlfriend thinks it’s brilliant and she hates football.” – Neil Jeffries, We Are Leeds (LUFC matchday programme)
  • “Probably the best book I’ve ever read about Leeds United” – James Brown, talkSport
  • “I found more of interest in the first few pages than in all of Fergie’s book! Some take their passion for Manchester United further than simply supporting the team and ‘Got, Not Got – The Lost World of Manchester United’ brings to life the weird and wonderful of United collecting. This book is a must for your Christmas wish list.” – Iain McCartney – United Review Collectors Club
  • If you love the website, you will love the book. Great Christmas present to yourself or a loved one! –
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