Buy your personalised signed copy of ‘What a Shot!’ now!

We have a limited number of signed copies of our new photo book ‘What a Shot!’ that you can buy directly from us with a simple Paypal payment…

Ahhh… faded Polaroids of crumbling grounds, distant players toiling in mud and fences topped with razor-sharp spikes – all snapped from the terraces in the belief that the results would prove worthy of the back page when they arrived back from the developers.

what a shot blog flyer copy

When ’70s and ’80s snapshots taken from the stands and terraces were posted on this blog, traffic tripled overnight and floods of snaps were mailed in from all over Britain.
The artistic value of the pics is hilariously mixed, featuring the overexposed back of many a feather cut. But for the kids pictured here in full kit in their back gardens – now grown men – these blurred images of star wingers, knitwear, floodlights and inflatables offer an evocative window into a Lost World of Football – from a fans’ eye view.

If you want to buy a signed copy then click on the book below, which will take you through the Paypal payment process. If you want a personal message adding then write it in the message box or email  

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2 Responses to Buy your personalised signed copy of ‘What a Shot!’ now!

  1. Andrew says:

    It’s rather a wonderful book! You and your publishers/designers have done a great job! So many memories brought back of visiting all those great old grounds in the 80s before they became sanitised and dull, or just knocked down.

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