The Lost World of Man U: E is for Evil

Decked out in a Manchester United kit he stole from Action Man, this evil Mintex football-and-war doll figure was clearly a nasty piece of work – quite possibly related to Captain Black the Mysteron double agent out of Captain Scarlet. evil a man scaryBut what about Johnny Goalgetter – another Action Man rip-off who could actually kick a ball – with his sick telltale hypodermic syringe sticking into his bottom…
evil goalgetterJust say no, kids; but look out for more slightly sinister toys, TV anchormen and tumbleweed terracing in The Lost World of Football and Got, Not Got: The Lost World of Manchester United. Both out now.

Click links above to check out first 15 or so pages of each….

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2 Responses to The Lost World of Man U: E is for Evil

  1. scherben says:

    My MUFC Lost World arrived today. Many thanks for such a great book 🙂 I do wonder why, on page 135, Gerry Daly is wearing Jimmy Nicholl’s trackie bottoms. Maybe he’s won ’em in a fight? 😉

  2. Paul says:

    Don’t diss the Goalgetter!!
    His name is of course Steve Goalgetter and the other similar, but inferior, figure is Johnny Hotshot. See more at

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