Too small. They told me I was too small…

Small, yes.

But hard.

And really rather good.

Our Gary’s micro Billy Bremner, I mean – a masterpiece of fiddly brushwork which seems to have taken on many of the characteristics of his great great great granddad, the real Billy.
subbuteo bremnerImagine it was 1973 and your club got Billy Bremner for Christmas*. That’s the Lost World of Football feeling.

* Leeds fans can just imagine getting Smiley pendants and sock tags, a new Admiral schoolbag, a nylon scarf printed with Super Leeds faces, and a trip behind the scenes down the tunnel and in the dressing room. That’s The Lost World of Leeds United feeling.

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2 Responses to Too small. They told me I was too small…

  1. This is now my second favourite remnant of the Leeds era after “The Leeds United Calypso”…

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