The Lost World of Football: C is for Charity Shield

Continuing our series of extracts from ‘The Lost World of Football’ (which is ‘brilliant’… if you believe the first published review in Sport mag!)

Since 1908 the Charity Shield had been treated like a mixed metaphor of dog’s dinner and moveable feast. Touring all the big grounds from Highbury to Goodison, it eventually settled on a formula of League Champions vs. FA Cup Winners. However, by the early Seventies, its stock was pretty low.

In 1973 it should have been contested by Sunderland and Liverpool, but neither could be bothered, so holders Manchester City played Second Division champions Burnley at Maine Road.
charity shield extras inc ticket train

In The Lost World of Football we go on to look back on Cloughie’s Leeds vs. Shankly’s Liverpool – not a highly charitable occasion.
But here we remember the 1975 Shield between champs Derby and Cup winners West Ham. Specifically, how smashing it was when Umbro shirts and bubble perms and really big show-off special-occasion shirt badges and ace Scottish players with white legs and Charlie George Superstar and 50p return from Burton to London and official team coaches dropping off for a wee and a cuppa at regular service stations/transport caffs was very much de rigueur.
Ah yes, the good old days…

‘The Lost World of Football’ is available now in branches of WH Smiths and Waterstones or can be ordered here

(With thanks to Andy at for the Rams stuff. He’s currently got 41,000 cards and stickers scanned, online and on offer, just in case you’re looking at Charlie and thinking ‘not got’.)

lwof bottom

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2 Responses to The Lost World of Football: C is for Charity Shield

  1. notgot says:

    Cheers Giles and all retweeters/bloggers.
    Check out the @gotnootgot Twitter feed for more ultra-rarities from the Charity Shield, including baby shields won by players (Derby won 2-0!) and a steward’s armband. Wish we’d got one of them for eBay!

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