‘The Lost World of Football’ is in WH Smiths – and our houses.

We have finally got our hands on our own book ‘The Lost World of Football’ and, even if we do say so ourselves, it is looking good!

lwof carton blog

This book distribution lark never turns out to be an exact science but we are getting reports that it is in stock in widespread branches of WH Smiths.

Please can you let us know when you receive your copy from Amazon if you ordered online.

I’m off to read my copy which has just arrived…

‘The Lost World of Football’ is in branches of WH Smiths or can be ordered here…  






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16 Responses to ‘The Lost World of Football’ is in WH Smiths – and our houses.

  1. Still no news of dispatch from Amazon for me.

  2. Paul Steele says:

    I ordered mine from the Book Depository and have had notification that it was sent out to me yesterday

  3. hmsbaz says:

    Got email Tuesday, so hopefully in hall when I go home

  4. Wayne says:

    No copies anywhere in Plymouth yet…

  5. Gustavo Metello says:

    I am Brazilian and would like how I could get it?

  6. Paul says:

    Got it today in the post, love it. Cracking job and even better than the first book!

  7. Chris says:

    I got so frustrated not being able to get hold of a copy that I ordered the book from four different shops and online booksellers. In the end it was aWH Smiths branch in Surrey, that came up trumps first and I am now the proud owner of the joint top book of all time. (The other being G.N.G) Thank you guys for another fantastic edition. I look forward to the next one with fan’s photos in Does anyone know when it is due out (originally due to be published today 18th October).

  8. Tony says:

    Got mine today. In the biggest box amazon could find too. Great book.. Looking forward to the book of photographs too .

  9. Amazon dispatch notification today. Should have it by Friday.

  10. Still awaiting news on “What A Shot’.

  11. As you know my copy arrived last Friday

  12. The introduction to the book sums everything up about the current state of the game I love. All football grounds should have an area where these words can be seen, perhaps next to the ground regulations which get longer by the day

  13. Chris says:

    Any news yet on the ‘What a shot’ book of fans photos It was due to be pubished last week!

  14. thefoxfanzine says:

    We are currently trying to find out a publication date for WAS! It can’t be far off.

  15. scherben says:

    Still waiting for my Lost World of Manchester United from Amazon
    They’ve told me they are still awaiting stock from the supplier

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