The Mini-Motty – Our Favourite Subbuteo Accessory

I loved the Subbuteo TV Tower that I got for Christmas circa 1975…

The two-story ‘steel’ and ‘wooden’ construction was topped with a little cameraman in a blue anorak.

mini motty blog

Best of all was the 00 scale John Motson crouched over his TV monitor.

What was your favourite thing out of the Subbuteo catalogue?

If Mini Motty has played a significant part in your life, you really ought to buy ‘The Lost World of Football’ It can be ordered here…  


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5 Responses to The Mini-Motty – Our Favourite Subbuteo Accessory

  1. I would have to say the floodlights despite their total crapness. If you had the floody’s you’d probably received the stadium edition as an xmas gift at some stage

  2. futoomph says:

    So many to choose from:
    the England mascot Ron? Bailey in a Union Jacket with rosette and shaking a rattle,
    the Queen with the cup,
    the green picket boundary fence which was being sold long after they ceased to be in the real grounds and,
    crush barriers for the terraces (subbuteo fans all sat down though).

  3. thefoxfanzine says:

    Ken Bailey – he appeared in some Subbuteo ads and is featured in ‘The Lost World of Football’. .

  4. LE9 Fox says:

    I remember the second generation accessories which included world cup style football with black hexagons and big voluminous, coloured goal nets. But the best was surely the throw-in figure which allowed you to take ‘proper’ throw-ins. The only problem was that the throw-in figure was totally out of proportion and sprung beyond reason. the outcome was a goliath-like figure catapulting the ball out of the stadium and on to the landing. The equivalent of taking a throw-in inside Upton Park and the ball landing in the Thames somewhere near the Dartford Crossing!

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