Admiral Authenticolours… the end of the non-branded shirt

This Shoot! advert from 1973-74 marked the end of an era…

Soon after this Admiral and Umbro began to brand their football kits with a manufacturer’s logo and football strips would no longer be able to be marketed in this generic manner.

admiral superteam smaller

(click for larger version)

What was the last unbranded shirt you owned?

After many months locked up in our lakeside retreat we have finally put the finishing touches to the sequel to ‘Got, Not Got’…
‘The Lost World of Football’ is now at the printers. You can order it here…  




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5 Responses to Admiral Authenticolours… the end of the non-branded shirt

  1. Did Admiral run an equivalent ‘kids in replica shirts’ advert the following season? I’m hoping to spot Brighton’s Admiral shirt for 1974/75 in a colour advert one of these days!

  2. The last unbranded shirt I had was my school football/rugby shirt! Heavy duty red brushed cotton with a white collar!

  3. colin says:

    a leeds united white v neck. made from top quality nylon, sparks flying in the air as i raced down the pitch ( well thats how i choose to remember it anyway !!!!!!!! )

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