Our Favourite Shop – Sportspages

On Friday September 6 1985 at 3.20 pm, a customer approached the counter and purchased a copy of ‘Concise Light on Yoga.’

It was Sportspages’ first sale.


In February 2006 the shutters came down for the last time.

God, how we loved this shop on Charing Cross Road and regret that ‘Got, Not Got’ came too late to be stocked on it’s shelves.

sportspages logo

Your memories please…

If you haven’t got the first ‘Got, Not Got’ yet then please sort yourselves out and buy it from branches of WH Smith and Waterstones or online here


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7 Responses to Our Favourite Shop – Sportspages

  1. It was a fantastic shop. The only sour note was when they went bust they left us (and I guess many other fanzines) out of pocket.

    • thefoxfanzine says:

      Their large quantity orders and generous terms got a lot of fanzines off to a good financial start though.

  2. Chris Worrall says:

    I loved the thrill of seeing my fanzine (Raise the Roof – Doncaster) on the shelves and being bought by the punters. I moved away from London some time ago so imagine my disappointment on a visit in 2009 when I went bounding up to the Sportpages door only to find it had gone. Really missed. Where else can you buy French annual Tout Le Football for instance off the shelf?!

  3. mark rennie says:

    every saturday i would go into manchester sportspages and get the latest fanzines. i was like a kid in a sweet shop!!. i would still shop there today.its a downside of the techno age that we cannot.

  4. Fred Tissue says:

    I always used to pop in the one in Manchester whenever I was in town. It was great for finding that obscure book about German stadium design you were looking for! Was sad to see it go, but I must admit with internet sites like Amazon (for current books) and Abebooks (for old books) I don’t really miss it these days.

  5. Paul says:

    A haven for real sports fans, they sold out of my first ever batch of ‘The Cardinal Sin’ Woking FC fanzines and I have rarely felt so proud!!

  6. I crossed the pond (Atlantic Ocean) to visit the London store. Spent over 100 quid and read all the way home on the plane. Still looking for some of the rare books.

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