Your favourite A&BC Cards – the Poll Winner

We asked you which set of the classic A&BC card sets of the 60s and 70s were your favourites…

a&bc blue backs winner

The winner scooped almost a third of the votes polled…  the Blue Backs series from 1973-74.
In second place was the 1969-70 Green Backs collections, while 1970-71 Orange Backs also got a podium place.
My own personal favourites, the 1971-72 Purple Backs limped in a very disappointing 7th, but at least that proves I didn’t rig the voting.

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6 Responses to Your favourite A&BC Cards – the Poll Winner

  1. Chris O says:

    My only problem with the Blue Backs is the player names – they’re in very thin writing that you have to squint to read. The Green Backs got my vote… 🙂

  2. Malcolm Stark says:

    I like the Green Backs best, as well as the Purple backs. The large 1970 cards should have been brilliant, given their scope, but many of the pictures looked amateurish. Some of my favourite individual cards were the 1971 David Webb looking like Charles Manson, and the 1972 Supermac in the snow. The whole lot were great, though, with highs and lows in every collection.

  3. My Lord Wessex says:

    WTF? The Large 1970 ‘Orange backs are THE definitive classic football cards! Totally ICONIC!

  4. Arbogast says:

    Agree with My Lord Wessex. The 70/71 orange backs are the best by far. By the way does anyone have any idea why A&BC wouldn’t have included George Best in this set (or I think any other set after maybe 68/69) when he was surely still at the top of his game?

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