Car Booty No 1 – SHOOT!

Sunday morning Car Boot Sales can be a hit and miss affair, but this week’s Car Booty made getting up early on a Sunday worthwhile…

I discovered a big box of early to mid-70s Shoot! magazine going for 5p each…

car boot shoot

… and grabbed as many as I could carry.

Which meant the rest of Sunday was spent flipping through some classic years of British football.
Apparently the Poles are a poor side and England will have no trouble getting to West Germany 74…

franny lee

Footballers have sort of changed in the last 40 years haven’t they?


And was Rod Belfitt Liam Gallagher’s Dad?

scots line up

And this is EVERY shade of blue ever…

Let us know what you got from a car boot sale…

If you haven’t got the first ‘Got, Not Got’ yet then please sort yourselves out and buy it from branches of WH Smith and Waterstones or online here



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2 Responses to Car Booty No 1 – SHOOT!

  1. scherben909 says:

    Both the Lawman and Jim Holton should be stood in front of Bremner.
    In the pecking order of football, Leeds eternally trail MUFC (yes, I know Law was at City by then)

  2. chroak137 says:

    Very jealous of your purchase! There are fewer things better in life that buying a cheap bundle of old Shoot magazines… 🙂

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