Wrong Kits Topical Update!

We are beginning to wonder if any club has ever turned up to an away game with entirely the right kit…

On Saturday referee Keith Stroud ruled that Barnsley’s blue and black away strip clashed with Palace’s red and blue home kit. After some apparently heated debate between Tykes’ boss David Flitcroft and Palace officials the home side refused to wear their away shirts and Barnsley had to play with the Palace badge on their chests.

barnsley palace

Thanks to everyone on Twitter who pointed this out: Neil MacLeod ‏@maccamacleod; kevin savage ‏@kevsav50; Ian Fergie ‏@IanFurgie;  Stuart Gunn Wiseman ‏@Stuthurso…

Also thanks to rob stokes ‏@JossiesDad who sent us pictorial evidence of this outrage from 1989…

shilts scot

England’s most capped player wearing a Scotland jersey on the cover of Match!

In a very similar vein Andrew Rockall ‏@Statto_74 sent us a photo of Shilton’s 1970s rival for the England keeper’s shirt Ray Clemence…

clem rom.jpg

“In an unbadged Romania shirt with Admiral shorts and socks from 1980…”

Surely they knew Romania played in yellow!

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4 Responses to Wrong Kits Topical Update!

  1. Corr, blimey! That Match magazine is the first one I ever bought at the newsagents. And no, I never noticed that Shilton was wearing a Scotland shirt. My eyesight must have been terrible as a child. And more evidence to add to the pile: All those stickers that I thought were perfectly aligned in my sticker albums were anything but, in retrospect! Thanks for this post. Thinking of my club, Brighton once let Reading make Brighton play in the Albion away kit at home due to a colour clash, and my thoughts on that make me think Palace were right to stand their ground. Also, Bristol Rovers scored eight goals in a game in December 1973 wearing a kit supplied by Brighton & Hove Albion as Rovers’ regular away kit of red and white was not distinct enough from Albion’s blue and white stripes.

  2. BBolton says:

    Cant remember the year but Sheffield Wednesday arrived at Burnden Park Bolton for a night match and forgot ALL their kit, they had to borrow the Bolton away kit.

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