Wrong Kits Revisited

You might recall our look at careless Kit Men turning up for games with the wrong colours in the hamper…

Well we’ve found another example on the cover of this Blackburn Rovers programme from the 1982-83 season…

br prog

Close examination appears to show Blackburn Rovers celebrating a goal against Blackburn Rovers at Ewood Park.

br prog zoom

Who is this distraught defender in Blackburn’s borrowed red away strip? We think we know, but we’ll let you have a guess first…

**************** UPDATE ***********************

We are pretty sure that this is David Price of Crystal Palace…  can any Palace fans confirm?

And three members of our Facebook community have come up with further Wrong Kit incidences…

    • Keith Pybus I recall two games at Feethams when this happened.
      Exeter City had to borrow an old blue away kit when the ref said their red’n’white kit clashed with Darlington’s black’n’white kit.
      Later, when Brian Little managed Hull City, Darlington had to use their red’n’black away kit because City had only brought their usual home kit. Also all the shirts bore the wearer’s name by then.
    •  Gerry Weir St Mirren having to play in the away kit of their rivals, Morton, and being booed by their own fans is a classic.
    • Ralph Pomeroy During the 93-4 season Burnley had a very unpopular Green/Black halved away kit which we never won a single away LEAGUE game in.. during the following season we lent it to Southend and promptly stuffed them 5-1!

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    7 Responses to Wrong Kits Revisited

    1. Steve says:

      Is it David Price? Playing for Crystal Palace?

    2. uptheboro says:

      John Mitchell (Fulham) ??

    3. Statto_74 says:

      I’ll take a punt on Chelsea.

    4. thefoxfanzine says:

      We thought David Price/Palace..!

    5. does look like david price .. think he’d left arsenal by 82.

    6. Les says:

      The Darlington v Hull City account has one detail wrong, in that Hull City took their away kit, which was silver and navy, rather than their home kit. Oddly, the ref of the Derby v Hull City League Cup match thought white/black v silver/navy was ok, but the ref at Feethams not. I wrote this piece; http://hullcitykits.co.uk/beg-borrow-steal/ ,which lists times Hull City have borrowed elements of another team’s kit.

    7. scherben says:

      If that is David Price, then it has to be the match from 1981-82 (27-3-82) which Rovers won 1-0, as they didn’t play Palace at Ewood till April 16th 1983 in 1982-83.

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