Subbuteo Heavyweights – No Contest

It’s not often we see a Subbuteo ad that we haven’t seen before, but we liked this early seventies effort that we found recently…

vint subb ad blog

(click on image for giant version)

Heavyweights were the best Subbuteo figures ever produced, I’m sure you will agree.
We wonder if Andy got to keep any?

If you know your heavyweights from your Zombies then you should probably buy the retro-footy-grumble-fest ‘Got, Not Got’… runner-up in last year’s Footy Book of the Year. Available from branches of WH Smith and Waterstones or online here




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3 Responses to Subbuteo Heavyweights – No Contest

  1. Chris Worrall says:

    Could it be? ! Don’t know why but something is telling me that Andy is in fact Andy Crane, of BBC Broom Cupboard fame and now of North West tv. His year of birth 1964 would also tie in with the age of this kid. Correct me if I’m wrong !

  2. Chris Worrall says:

    any way we can find out? I think he’s on twitter but I’m not!

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