The Wrong Kit…

We love it when the kit-man does a big massive fail and the away team have to rummage around in the lost property box like the kid who left his PE kit at home…

hereford blog size

Here we see Hereford United who obviously turned up with black shorts in the kit hamper and had to swap their black ‘Coffer’ shorts for the Blades white ‘Hobott’ ones.

sheff utd wrong kit

Also at Bramall Lane is another example. We’re not sure who the opposition are here, but they have had to don full Sheffield United away kit!

Send us your examples of The Wrong Kit if you have any…

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4 Responses to The Wrong Kit…

  1. Everton once played in Luton’s away kit at Kenilworth Road. And don’t forget in 1984/85 many referees wouldn’t let us wear our spaceage silver le coq sportif kit so we can to cobble together a washed out yellow and black number.

  2. Actually Gary, not wishing to split hairs, Hereford turned up at Bramall Lane at start of ’81/82 season with dark blue shorts! A scandalous break with tradition started by Admiral the season before with their blue trim on shirts and blue shorts replacing clubs historical black! Coffer Sports carried this on, thankfully for just the one season before Adidas saw sense in returning the club back to black. Don’t tell anyone though, Coffers dark blue shorts were still used during ’82/83 season with these Adidas shirts, lack of finance and the “waste not want not” of the Fourth Division in the early Eighties.

  3. Ed says:

    Your second picture is around 78/79 Season.
    Palace were the visitors to The Lane, no idea who their player is but it looks like Mick Speight in the background & Geoff Salmons (foreground,back on loan from Stoke) for Utd.

  4. John Collison says:

    The Sheffield United pic is against Crystal Palace in 78/9. Mike Elwiss shown in yellow. Place played at Bramall Lane in Sheff Utd away kit

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