Feeling the love for StatMill….

Well, when we said “I don’t reckon ANYONE bought this except for us…” we didn’t think we’d be proved quite so wrong…

It seems that just about everyone in the western world had at least one ‘Up for the Cup’ FA Cup Wallchart. And it turns out they were also responsible for my favourite World Cup Wallchart ever…

statmill a

“Wow, had that and had forgotten about it! There were of course blank stickers to write clubs names on should they progress further than the manufacturers expected. I did these for a couple of years and clearly remember having to use the blanks.
As an adult I would quite happily pin a new wallchart to the wall and do it all over again. Let’s hope some publishing company spots your post and has similar ideas!”
Al Gordon (@algordon_cafc)

“Oh I loved them SO much, we used to be able to order them through school.”
iceblah ‏@iceblah

“I bought one off my PE teacher. Every football fan at my school got one.”

statmill b

(click on image for flagtastic bigger version)

“Bloody hell. That is rare. Carshalton getting that far in the FA cup?” #shocked Gandermonium ‏@Gandermonium

“I had the 84/85 wallchart. As an Arsenal fan I refused to enter the York score in for days. Do they still do these?” Steve Pye ‏@1980sSportsBlog

“The first one I had was 1982-83 and I have a feeling 1986-87 was the last. Made by Statmill. I wonder what became of themI also had their 1986 World Cup chart. I’d completely forgotten I ever had that until now. I genuinely love the idea of sitting down, sticking on the flags and writing in the results from all 52 matches in one go.”
Chris Hughes ‏@chrishughes01

“I had a similar one for World Cup 90. They gave you enough UAE stickers to get to the final…” Mirko Bolesan ‏@mirkobolesan

“I have the WC one too, both at home somewhere. Sent off via an ad in Shoot! Or Match.” unitedite ‏@unitedite

“Had one of those in 1986-87 with poster and stickers, think it was then called ‘Up for the Cup 87’ – wish I’d kept it now.”  Daniel Burdett ‏@Luzhniki2008 

We are now working hard on ‘Got, Not Got 2′ but you can still get last year’s model. (Cunning punk rock reference). Available from branches of WH Smith and Waterstones or online here

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