The Got, Not Got Advent Calendar – Day 8 & 9…

The big December challenge is on… one retro football post every day until Christmas Day… opening two windows today as Derek & Gary were out all yesterday doing super exciting ‘GOT, NOT GOT’ stuff….

Spare a thought for Leicester City FC official cartoonist Russ Carvell who had to do some emergency filling-in at a festive Filbert Street in the mid-1990s…

xmas lcfc b

Russ had just put the finishing touches to this official 1994 LCFC Christmas Card when news broke that manager Brian Little, who had led City to three Wembley Play-Off Finals in three years, had upped and gone down the M6 to Aston Villa.
Brian, who had occupied the spot on the right, had to be swiftly covered up with Filbert Fox.

xmas lcfc a

Wind forward a year to December 1995 and once again, no sooner had Russ put his brush down when news broke of City boss Mark McGhee deserting Leicester in favour of Wolves.
This time it was Steve Walsh who had to be stuck over McGhee’s head on the right, an unconvincing wave compensating for the different head shape…  DO’H!

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You’d better be good for goodness sake, if you want the retro-footy-grumble-fest ‘Got, Not Got’… runner-up in this year’s Footy Book of the Year, in your Christmas stocking (pillow case).

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