The Got, Not Got Advent Calendar – Day 6

The challenge that we are already regretting continues … one Christmas themed post every day from now until Christmas Day… 

xmas match 84

This slightly disturbing Christmas cover of MATCH from December 1984 features the superstars of the day penned by resident artist Steve McGarry.
The choirboys with a hint of Blackadder about them are Chelsea’s Kerry Dixon, Tottenham’s Glen Hoddle, Ian Rush of Liverpool and Mark Hateley of AC Milan.
The de-bearded Santa is Manchester United’s Bryan Robson and the rather camp schoolboy is Mo Johnston of Celtic.

You don’t want to know about the feature ‘David Speedie and the Seven Dwarfs’, believe me…

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Day 5

You’d better be good for goodness sake, if you want the retro-footy-grumble-fest ‘Got, Not Got’… runner-up in this year’s Footy Book of the Year, in your Christmas stocking (pillow case).

Available from branches of WH Smith and Waterstones or online here


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12 Responses to The Got, Not Got Advent Calendar – Day 6

  1. Wayne says:

    From the days when Christmas Specials were just the regular 40p instead of charging you £4.99 for a comic with no reading matter, full of thinly disguised football boot and computer game adverts, hilarious ‘joke’ pictures of footballers farting, made-up transfer rumours, and topping it off with a load of free gifts you don’t even want.

  2. chroak137 says:

    Speaking as someone that regularly used to write daily Christmas posts on other blog sites, I know how much of a struggle it can be! Keep it up, though… 🙂

    Love the cover of this Match magazine – the illustrations are great!

  3. SteveMcGarry says:

    @chroak137: Great to see this cover again after all these years! I was known more for my illustration work when I first started out (there’s a copy of an illustrated Match Weekly FA Cup Final cover I did in 1983 also on this blog, I notice) so my early cartoon work looks a bit hamfisted to my eye these days! The Match editorial crew in those days were a great bunch and always looking to do something a bit different with content.
    Steve McGarry

    • chroak137 says:

      Hey Steve…

      How wonderful to get a reply from you! I have to say your illustration on this cover is so good because you’ve perfectly captured the faces of the footballers in question, but without over-elaborate detail. If I tried to draw football players using the same sense of simplicity, they’d all end up looking like Mr Men, probably!

      Great work, and it sounds like you have great memories too. Well done on all that you did for Match – I’m sure others would join me in congratulating you on that!

      All the best and Merry Christmas –
      Chris Oakley.

  4. Chris Worrall says:

    Steve McGarry, what a legend! I have your superb 83 Cup Final cover right here next to me as I write, with Michael Robinson and Bryan Robson. Wonderful illustrations and great memories of a great era for Match (and Shoot! dare I say it) which will never be surpassed.

  5. Tony D says:

    “13 ‘keepers better than Shilton”
    Who were these keepers? I can only assume that they were from all over the world and not just England since there wasn’t 13 English goalkeepers better than Shilton in 1984.

    • thefoxfanzine says:

      It was a chart based on average minutes per goal.
      Clive Baker of Barnsley came top (way ahead) with 420.
      Then Jim Leighton of Aberdeen at 160 and John Smeulders of Bournemouth at 154.

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