Don’t Ruin Christmas – Insist on ‘Got, Not Got’…

If you missed out last year, for God’s sake don’t slip up again…

Put ‘Got, Not Got’ on your Christmas list this year, in purple biro and underlined twice.

Here’s why:

The best book about football written in the last 20 years.” –Bill Borrows, Esquire 

“A veritable Dundee cake of a book.” –Danny Kelly, talkSport

“Recalling a more innocent time before Sky Sports and millionaire players, Got, Not Got is a long soak in a warm, nostalgic bath of football nostalgia: an A-Z of memorabilia, ephemera and ill-advised haircuts.” –In Demand, Mail on Sunday Live magazine 

“This memorabilia fest is a delightful reminder of what’s gone from the game: ‘magic sponges’, Subbuteo and, er, magazines for shinpads. Such innocent times, eh?” –FourFourTwo 

“The real magic is the collection and display of the illustrative material of stickers, badges, programme covers, Subbuteo figures and other ephemera. It is astonishingly thorough, well-presented, inspired and indeed had me going, ‘yes, got, got, not got, forgot, never seen’.” –When Saturday Comes 

“The book’s great fun. It’s an essential if you grew up watching football in the 60s, 70s or 80s.” –Paul Hawksbee, TalkSPORT 

“Obviously, everybody over the age of 40 is going to absolutely love this. There’s something for every fan of every club.” –Andy Jacobs, TalkSPORT 

“It is a work of genius, I cannot state this too highly. The most brilliant book I’ve opened in a long, long time.” –Monica Winfield, BBC Radio Leicester 

“A cracking book which whisks you back to a different footballing era.” –Brian Reade, Mirror Football columnist

You can buy it here for just £12.79 (36% off)… for the best Christmas ever… guaranteed…


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