Exclusive: Football League rubberstamps cigs ‘n’ booze in swanky strip club shock!?!

This looks wild.

Girls taking their clothes off and wiggling in big feathers and rubber bows. Expensive-looking drinkies. Drugs being openly passed around. Girls looking at middle-aged blokes as if they’re really interesting. 

And you see that logo down in the bottom corner, setting a fine 1970s example for modern players who now spend the vast majority of their endless free time giving it the large one in so-called ‘gentleman’s clubs’…?

Smoke tabs, get pissed and ogle semi-naked girls almost wearing spangly dresses.

Says the Football League.

Just for the record, we think it looks good too, and will give this club a really good review if we can come and visit one lunchtime. Thanks very much.

Read more about tabs and Bovril and beer in retro-footy-grumble-fest ‘Got, Not Got’… runner-up in this year’s Footy Book of the Year, and this Xmas’s must-have stocking filler. Available from branches of WH Smith and Waterstones or online here

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