Classic Reebok Ads – Bringing the Stars down a peg or two…

In 1997 and 1998 Reebok ran an advertising campaign that may have been considered a little risky…

It showed Premier League superstars doing the mundane jobs that the everyday Joe might have to put up with to earn a crust.
There was a risk that us unwashed masses might take offence at our jobs being dissed, but it worked well, because the sight of these mega-gods having to muck in was one to gladden the heart…
And all because, in this parallel existence, they had opted not to get Reebok football boots in favour of something else…

“I was going to buy a new pair of Reebok boots. But my friends talked me into buying fireworks instead. What’s it called? Peer group pressure?”
Andy Cole, Chip Shop Assistant, Nottingham, England.

“It was my 12th birthday. My father gave me a choice – a pair of Reebok football boots or a new train set. I have never regretted taking the train set.”
Dennis Bergkamp, Cheese Packer, Amsterdam, Holland.

“I was about 15, I think. My mum gave me the money to buy some new Reebok football boots. But on the way to the sports shop I decided to get a cheaper pair so I could take a girl to the pictures.”
Ryan Giggs, Flower Seller, Cardiff, Wales.

“I sometimes wonder what I could have achieved if I had bought some good quality Reebok training kit instead of that cheap nylon rubbish.”
Peter Schmeichel, Pig Farmer, Gladsaxe, Denmark. 

Very good Reebok, very good…

(Please let us know if there are any in this series that we have missed).

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2 Responses to Classic Reebok Ads – Bringing the Stars down a peg or two…

  1. Like how Giggs’ flower stall is nothing but daffs.

  2. Tom Jones says:

    Fireworks>Reebok boots.
    Train set>Reebok boots.

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