A chilly Sunday lunchtime eBay trawl…

Pressing our nose against the time-warp glass of nostalgia once again… on a budget of seven shillings and sixpence…

What do you get the FortySomething man who has everything… how about this old fashioned ‘bar scarf’ just like the one your lovely old Nan knitted you (in slightly the wrong shade of blue), only in cashmere? Currently going for a reasonable £18.25, but looking set to rise.

We don’t want to stir things up on Merseyside Derby Day but this Liverpool v Everton FA Cup semi-final programme from 1977 is still guaranteed to send any Everton fan into a gibbering rage. As the Daily Mail puts it: “It was the most contentious refereeing decision in Merseyside derby history. In the dying moments of the 1977 FA Cup semi-final, Everton forward Bryan Hamilton turned in a cross from Ronny Goodlass that appeared to have sealed a dramatic 3-2 win. Everyone inside rain-sodden Maine Road on April 23 believed Hamilton had scored. Crucially, though, Clive Thomas, the Welsh referee, saw it differently and ruled it out; 35 years on, the controversy continues to rage.” Surprising that a document of this much historical importance has not yet met it’s opening price of just 99p.

On a chilly day like this it is comforting to think of the blazing heat of Mexico 70. Warm up your life with this complete Panini ‘Mexico 70’ sticker album. Be quick before someone hits the ‘buy-it-now’ button for £1,995.00… Blimeh! Free post and packing though.

Continuing with the Derby Day theme, here we see Subbuteo Manchester United and Manchester City fans kept apart by diligent stewards and no-mans-land mesh.
Not an auction as such, more a gift idea. We’re tempted to order Rangers and Celtic, or Millwall and West Ham, but they might need more mesh.

Or you could just but ‘Got, Not Got’ here or here…  one day it could be a collectors item!


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