Got, Not Got Grand Kit ‘n’ Football Card Quiz #2

Welcome to the second in our series of tantalising, brain-teasing football quizzes based around our never-ending supply of heartbreakingly beautiful cards and stickers from back in the day. Not to mention obscure but vital kitographic, groundocentric, badge-related knowledge that you’ll be able to wheel out down the boozer tonight…

We’ve come to think of this grand challenge as the very opposite of trivia, and hope you join in the spirit of thing – just say no to new-fangled Wikipedia! It’s a bit like grown-up blokes shouting, “EVERYTHING TO PLAY FOR, LADS!” when they’re playing football up the park on a Sunday morning. Yeah, dead right – except any form of gain.

Cutting finally to the chase, who the heck are these four loads of reds, pictured on The Sun newspaper’s Football Card Swap Set of 1970-71?

Sharp eyes will pick up vital clues, sorting yer Man U’s from the Bristols, Forests and Lincolns. And the men from the boys…

Here’s the first quiz… right here.

If you adore this sort of kitology beyond what would be considered reasonable for an early-middle-aged man then you really should own a copy of retro-footy-grumble-fest ‘Got, Not Got’… runner-up in this year’s Footy Book of the Year, and this Xmas’s must-have stocking filler. Your missus can get it from branches of WH Smith and Waterstones or online here

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5 Responses to Got, Not Got Grand Kit ‘n’ Football Card Quiz #2

  1. Wrexham, Charlton, Forest, Swindon

  2. Paul Pengilly says:

    Wrexham, Charlton, Forest, Barnsley

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