The Denim Jacket Patch – West Ham and Man City featured… Villa WANTED!

Back in the day, no self-respecting teenager would be seen at a football match or out on the town without a denim jacket rendered almost invisible under the weight of Coffer sew-on patches down the back and arms.

The sight of these vintage 1970s patches is almost enough to make anybody start nagging their Mum to stitch as many as humanly possible on to their parka sleeves and Army Surplus schoolbag.

[Enter name of your club here] Rool OK!

Thanks go out to Man City photographer and collector Kevin Cummins for his two crackers below (oh, the jokey irony of a traditional English club like City even having fans in the Far East!) … 

For insurance purposes, we reckon Kevin’s ‘Kenny Clements Superstar’ patch alone must be worth at least a tenner – to the right buyer, that is. To a specialist City collector. Or, of course, to Kenny Clements!

… And thanks to Steve Marsh at the wonderful Hammers memorabilia website for the Sham 69 accessories below! Whether you’re a West Ham fan or not, you must have a click around the incredible array of long-lost, heartbreaking and supercool fan stuff on what is easily the best single-club memorabilia site on the net.

On to GNG2 business: unfortunately, due to the scatty nature of Twitter (and our memories) we’ve lost touch with a Villa correspondent who had collected up hundreds of these patches, and was willing to share for our next book.

If you’re him, or if you have a decent cache of ‘Next to Ali Villa are the Greatest’ / ‘I’m a Villa Nut’ – et cetera – patches, please do get in touch!

Meanwhile, don’t forget to add a copy of retro-footy-grumble-fest ‘Got, Not Got’ to your Xmas list. Runner-up in this year’s BSBA Football Book of the Year, it’s this Chrimbo’s must-have stocking filler. Your missus can get it from branches of WH Smith and Waterstones or online here

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