The Peter Barnes Football Trainer

My mate Chris was the proud owner of a Peter Barnes Football Trainer back in 1978. He gave us a full demo up the recreation ground one Saturday morning, but we decided that the ball provided was too light for a satisfying full-blooded volley…

We substituted in a ‘casey’ leather ball, ingeniously tied the elastic to the pump adaptor, and let play commence.

This modified set-up didn’t prove to be “The fantastic way to develop your football skills and ball control.” It was, in fact, “The fantastic way to get a football smack in your plums and then get your shorts ripped off.”

Good job there were no girls up the reccie, that day.

If you did something funny decades ago and it still makes you smile, then you probably need to own a copy of ‘Got, Not Got’ … you can get it from branches of WH Smith and Waterstones or online here

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2 Responses to The Peter Barnes Football Trainer

  1. Graeme Lang says:

    Great prize! “Your chance to spend a day with Peter Barnes”………doing what? Training for a couple of hours in the morning, bookies and then a sesh in the pub on the pull was the typical footballers day back then I think… come to think of it, nothing much has changed except for the bling and the flashiness of the cars!!

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