Sticker Albums that weren’t Panini – AVA Americana

As well as all the stickers albums that were produced by Panini, there were a few that weren’t… especially after the spectacular success of  Panini’s ‘Football 78’ collection proved that there was a few quid to be made…

Surry firm AVA produced one of the better imitators with their ‘Football Special 79’ collection.
It was well-designed, and with no white frames, badges or names on the stickers it had a different look to Panini.

But as you can see from this Southampton spread (one of the fuller ones in my album) I was a long way off finishing the set.
Somehow, it just wasn’t as good as the real thing… and pocket money would only stretch so far.

If you started, but didn’t finish, the AVA Football Special 79 album you should probably own a copy of retro-footy-grumble-fest ‘Got, Not Got’ … you can get it from branches of WH Smith and Waterstones or online here



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