Fantasy football kit – what’s your club’s all-time-best composite strip?

Thanks go out to lifelong Coventry City fan Rich at The Football Attic blog who contacted us last season with three humdinging fantasy Cov kits. As luck would have it, we’re doing a regular page for the Sky Blues prog this season, so today against Bury Rich gets his name up in Sky Blue lights!

As you can see, Rich wove into his fantasy kit key elements including Admiral tramlines, the Hummel testcard kit and, er, brown. Strange thing is, he was pining for a return to a yellow away kit before the club made his dreams come (at least partly) true this season with a return to yellow tops and blue shorts.

So what elements would you include if you had the job of designing a heartstring-tugging, glory days-referencing retro-styled superkit for next season, to pander to the yearnings of of your club’s fans? 

Well, clearly it will need Admiral epaulettes, a return to the original 1960s badge, Umbro diamonds and an Adidas trefoil. With silky self-stripes, a Victorian yoke collar and drawstrings…

Yep, it’s an emotive subject, guaranteed to start large yet orderly debates down the boozer later tonight…

Send your composite kit ideas to us at the usual address!

Meanwhile, well done to the Cov prog, which looks like the one to beat for cutting-edge design when it comes to this season’s awards. Unless you know better, of course, and you can send us prove that your club is even more groovy…

If you are fond of kitology then you probably need to own a copy of ‘Got, Not Got’ … you can get it from branches of WH Smith and Waterstones or online here

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2 Responses to Fantasy football kit – what’s your club’s all-time-best composite strip?

  1. Rich Johnson says:

    Thanks again guys for making this happen! 🙂 And that brown kit looks damn awesome…even if I am the only one who will ever think so 😉

  2. S Bartram says:

    It does look good. Coventry in the style of late 80s Villa!

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