The Coolest Football Card Ever – Top Contenders, inc. Talksport’s Andy Gray as You’ve Never Seen Him Before!

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s cavalcade of strangeness courtesy of The Sun and their infamous Soccercards of 1979-80, we’ve only gone and received the motherlode of fantastic felt-pen football card art from Andy at
Hold on to your hats, folks – it’s Everton/Villa/Wolves and Scotland goalbanger Andy Gray as a large, frightening kewpie doll. Let’s hope someone tells those nice people at Talksport Radio about Andy’s disturbing past, preferably live on air, via Tweet or text. Naked pics of Prince Harry have got nowt on this dynamite revelation!
Meanwhile, on to The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.
Mel Eves and his vertical hair and Alan Devonshire and his now-familiar wonky eyes are made to look almost normal by Barnsley goalie Peter Springett’s audacious impression of gunslinger Lee Van Cleef.
Minus the cowbay hat, natch.  is the biggest football card/sticker site in Christendom, with over 30,000 items diligently posted online for your delectation.

Ah, go on, go on, go on, go on… have a flick inside our retrotastic footy book here.

“An absolute gem of a book from which football fans of every age may extract something to amuse, recall, regret or simply enjoy. It is part brilliantly written lament for an earlier age, part opportunity to reminisce about a time when you hankered after a Garden Goal (“Every Boy’s Dream!”)… –
“A body of work that transcends being ‘just a book’ by a considerable distance.” – In Bed With Maradona blog.
“A great read with fantastic visuals, the book reflects on how football used to be before the sanitisation of the Premier League. Amusing and quirky, this book captures the spirit of football from the terraces. This book is an absolute must for any footballing household.” – King of the Kippax

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1 Response to The Coolest Football Card Ever – Top Contenders, inc. Talksport’s Andy Gray as You’ve Never Seen Him Before!

  1. Al Gordon says:

    I can’t decide if Mel Eves has chips or small bananas as hair.

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