The Quest for the Coolest Football Sticker Ever – Future Managers Special!

The grand Got, Not Got quest for the coolest football card/sticker of all time gets back into gear for the new season with four top-drawer entries featuring modern-day football managers looking weirdly somehow younger. 

Thanks go out to Martin Fletcher @lucem_22 for Tweeting us this odd couple of Euro bosses back in the days before time and gravity started messing with their bizarrely youthful good looks.
Wah! It’s Bayern’s Champs League flop and recently installed Dutch boss Luis Van Gaal back in the day when he used to be a Romulan out of Star Trek. And yargh! It’s Chelsea flop and current PSG incumbent Carlo Ancelotti… “with two fully functional eyebrows” according to our Martin.Next up, a serious contender for the Coolest Football Card Ever. The sideys. The tousle. The skinnyrib classic Hammers shirt. It’s Poplar’s own King of the Mods Harry Redknapp making like Bradley Wiggins in the FKS ‘Wonderful World of Soccer Stars’ album for 1970-71.
And here’s Hull’s new gaffer Steve Bruce looking a million dollars in his days at Naaardge before he had a sack of potatoes surgically implanted in the front of his head.

More luvverly old footer memorabilia, acting the giddy goat and counter-revolutionery arsiness in Got, Not Got – runner-up in BSBA Football Book of the Year 2012, and price hacked yet again on Amazon.

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