Got Not Got bloke’s rock past with Chuck Berry and Sex Pistols, and life playing football up the park – Leicester Mercury scoop

When Got Not Got came out, co-author Gary was one of the first extremely minor local celebrities to be lined up by the Leicester Mercury to splurge childhood secrets in the new Saturday supplement. Sensibly, he kept his revelations low key – punch-ups as swaggering cazh King of the Kop; breaking in to Filbo when slightly the worst for wear to swing from the top of the floodlight pylons – so it’s a shame co-author Derek didn’t learn his lesson…

Derek used to be in a band with Chuck Berry before ditching him for the Sex Pistols. Derek used to mime out entire gigs in his front room with his wild psychedelic imaginary punk rock band. Derek used to read comics and play football in the park when he was 12, and that’s pretty much what he does all day now; though he is a better singer, these days.Derek hangs out with Steve Gibbons and Mott the Hoople and Yeah Yeah Noh.

Derek pines for mud and boiled burgers.

[Click the image if you want to read the full, unexpurgated text]

There’s loads more childhood fantasies – proper football, proper tackling, proper pictures of proper footballers dressed up as King Charles III with red boots – here.

“An absolute gem of a book from which football fans of every age may extract something to amuse, recall, regret or simply enjoy. It is part brilliantly written lament for an earlier age, part opportunity to reminisce about a time when you hankered after a Garden Goal (“Every Boy’s Dream!”)… –
“A body of work that transcends being ‘just a book’ by a considerable distance.” – In Bed With Maradona blog.
“A great read with fantastic visuals, the book reflects on how football used to be before the sanitisation of the Premier League. Amusing and quirky, this book captures the spirit of football from the terraces. This book is an absolute must for any footballing household.” – King of the Kippax

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