Let’s Do This Season’s Teamgroup in an Unusual Location: Spurs Scoop the GNG Award

It’s nearly time for the big kick-off! It’s teamgroup time yet again! So here’s our all-time winner of the GNG “I Know! Let’s Do This Season’s Teamgroup in an Unusual and Imaginative Location” gong.

And the winner is… this smashing creative concept dreamed up by a snapper who just 51 years ago somehow convinced the entire Spurs first-team squad of 1961-62 to scuttle up a ladder in the goalmouth at White Hart Lane – the whole teetering arrangement balanced on the mercifully broad shoulders of Dave Mackay (bottom middle with bloke on neck).

Our congratulations go out to Spurs; our heartfelt commiserations to Big Dave.

Thanks go out to @TribalColours who bunged us the pic a couple of weeks ago, and then followed up with the revelation that great minds apparently think alike. It turns out “this month’s FourFourTwo mag has 4 pages of unusual team groups including the Spurs Ladder one and some great dutch ones”!

Other imaginative teamgroups which must have seemed like a good idea at the time:

1 – The original and still slightly alarming Harry Redknapp’s Bomo and the end of the pier, and more…
2 – Including the all-time classic Welsh welcome in the sheep-strewn hillside, and more…
3 – Including Oxford’s day trip to Blenheim Palace, Celtic in an airing cupboard and more…
4 – South Americans Special, inc. Peruvian censorship scandal, superimposed El Salvadorians and more…
5 – Surely the best best ever, including a crocodile in a shopping mall with Eric Cantona and a Lada.
6 – Antique weirdness in Brighton and Lanark, featuring a dog in a cornfield.
7 – Nobody did teamgroups with more lavish style than the NASL. Jumbo jets, carved mountains and ornamental lakes abound.
8 – Euros Special, featuring West Germany, Italy, and Sweden in a farmyard

Tons more irresistible and luvverly old footy tat in ‘Got, Not Got’, available here for the price of a round of sherbets.

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