‘Backpass’ new season issue! Featuring GNG Leeds Utd special!

A brand new issue of Backpass, the retro football magazine, hits the newsagents shelves this week. It’s dead good.
The ‘new season’ issue boasts 64 pages chock full of football news, opinion, features, mud and boiled burgers from the 60s, 70s and 80s, and mercifully not very much at all about the forthcoming Premier League term in which hundreds of spoilt billionaires will vie for global media attention with the rival tattooed playboys temporarily signed up to represent dull towns in Northern England.
Instead, here’s a timewarp interview with Dave Webb and his legendary dimple, Pele at New York Cosmos, Diddy David Hamilton’s Fulham dream team, Borough United in Europe… plus Fred Dinenage out of How!, Mark Lillis, primitive electronic football games, Queens Park Rangers’ missing apostrophe, and the man Tony Parsons called football’s Vlad the Impaler: Col U’s fearsome Roy McDonough.
McDonough versus Tevez and Silva… if only, eh?
Meanwhile, the Got Not Got blokes continue their jaunt through the nation’s footballing memories, dropping in on Leeds United back in the day when Joe Jordan kicked the parts other beers could not reach, when Billy Bremner was an inch-tall Subbuteo man and our mate Andy Starmore pulled up outside Elland Road in his Cortina 2-litre E.
E, them were the days, lads…

Backpass is available from all decent newsagents. They’ve got one of those new fangled website thingies, too!http://www.backpassmagazine.co.uk/

And go on, go on, go on, go on… have a flick inside our retrotastic footy book here.

“An absolute gem of a book from which football fans of every age may extract something to amuse, recall, regret or simply enjoy. It is part brilliantly written lament for an earlier age, part opportunity to reminisce about a time when you hankered after a Garden Goal (“Every Boy’s Dream!”)… – SportsBookoftheMonth.com
“A body of work that transcends being ‘just a book’ by a considerable distance.” – In Bed With Maradona blog.
“A great read with fantastic visuals, the book reflects on how football used to be before the sanitisation of the Premier League. Amusing and quirky, this book captures the spirit of football from the terraces. This book is an absolute must for any footballing household.” – King of the Kippax

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