Here’s a Medal…!

With GB Olympic medals proving to be rather elusive we thought we’d chuck one of our own into the pot…

It is an FA Cup runner-up medal, presented to Leicester City’s Andy Lochhead after they were beaten by Manchester City in the 1969 Final.
Well, strictly speaking, it isn’t, as Leicester and Burnley legend Andy explained to us:
“It must have been about seven years ago when Steve Cotterill was manager of Burnley. Carole and I went out for the night and as we were walking out of the front door there were these three lads walking down the street. They must have clocked that we were going out and sure enough when we got home the back door had been forced in. They’d gone upstairs and grabbed Carole’s jewellery and my Cup Final medal was mixed in with it.

I was all over the press here and you might think that whoever had taken it might give it back, but no.
Steve Cotterill came up to me one match at Burnley and said: “Here, I’ve got you a replacement medal.” He’d had an exact replica commissioned and it really was exactly the same.
I’ve got one grandson and he’ll end up with it.”

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