Summer Special images 5: KK’s sexy skimpy signature hot-pants… and model

To celebrate the official arrival of summer, we’ve been indulging in a complete week’s worth of sexy, sultry, scanty, sizzling, sun-sea-sand summer sunshine soccer images. And we’ve saved the best ’til last…

Thanks go out to Graham at Everton fanzine When Skies Are Grey – no strangers to style themselves – for sending in this magnificent vintage KK endorsement shot:

“Here’s a pair of Kevin Keegan’s own sexy pants,” says our Graham. “Not on him, thankfully!”

Dating back to 1978, this heartstring-tugging chunk of social history is indeed worthy of serious study.

And after 5 minutes spent closely analysing the bubble perms, the catalogue-model poses, the lapels, the KK signature hot-pants, the kipper tie and the tights tops, we reckon it’s fair to say… they don’t make ’em like this any more.

Ideal reading for on the plane, on the beach, in the sunny back garden this weekend. Get ‘Got, Not Got’ here

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