Summer special images 3: “Sizzling footie stunners” sexy toy warning

Now summer is officially here, we’re running a series of summery sexy sun sea and sand soccer specials in celebration. Here’s the third long-hot-summer childhood image on the trot, close on the heels of the skimpy Sky Blue Birds and some sensibly cool short shorts from the 1986.

Thanks go out to Paul Woozley for answering our clarion call for all things surf-related, scanty and generally sweltering.

But before you progress any further to the image sent by Paul, a word of warning.

It must first be noted that when Paul describes the following ladies as “sizzling footie stunners”, he speaks from deep within a cordoned-off area of the shop clearly marked SPECIALIST INTEREST.

In defence and explanation of the following, Paul has a vast and insatiable interest in all things ‘toy related’.

The girls featured in the image are of German origin…

“How about this pair of beauties from the ‘Girl Kick’ knock off of Tipp Kick?”, Paul enthuses.

“What a pair of lovelies they are – or are they men, just look at those hands!”


Check out Paul’s fantastic online museum of vintage football games and toys at 

And have a flick inside our footy book here.

“An absolute gem of a book from which football fans of every age may extract something to amuse, recall, regret or simply enjoy. It is part brilliantly written lament for an earlier age, part opportunity to reminisce about a time when you hankered after a Garden Goal (“Every Boy’s Dream!”)… –
“A body of work that transcends being ‘just a book’ by a considerable distance.” – In Bed With Maradona blog.
“A great read with fantastic visuals, the book reflects on how football used to be before the sanitisation of the Premier League. Amusing and quirky, this book captures the spirit of football from the terraces. This book is an absolute must for any footballing household.” – King of the Kippax

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