Summer special images: sunny sexy smashing Sky Blue Birds!

Now summer has arrived, we’re running a series of summery sexy sun sea and sand soccer specials in celebration. The idea is to bring back memories of long, hot summer holidays spent up the park reliving World Cup matches on the cricket square. And then to go up the park and do it again.

And to look forward to the new season and the first friendlies played out by weird mixtures of children and proper players, none of whom could give a toss in the 97 degree heat. Because we have to keep up the relevance and topicality here.

Meanwhile, let’s all fall a little bit in love with these summery ladies off the back of the Cov prog in 1972.
Sadly, the Sky Blue Birds didn’t get their names in the prog, so if this is your mum or auntie, please do relay a non-sexist compliment from us – nice summery dress – and ask Suzi Quatro to get in touch!
Another smashing dress here. Or perhaps it’s a swimsuit. And what a groovy big carpet and table set, in what we take to be a Cov nightclub circa 1972. Probably called something like Jesters or the Purple Pineapple.
If you’d like to be our very own ‘Got Not Got’ Girl Girl of the Match, please do fill in the form above and send it in to the usual address/email (NB not Highfield Road) enclosing a suitable picture.

If you’re a bloke, just send in pictures of other people, yeah?

Wuth thanks to Andy Mac at – just a cool 88,000 to choose from, proghunters!

If you find this kind of nonsense strangely important, there are 224 pages, 1000 images and 80,000 words of strikingly similar stuff in ‘Got, Not Got – The A to Z of Lost Football Culture, Treasures and Pleasures’ … and you can get it here just in time for your holidays…

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