Summer special images no. 1: short shorts, sexy girls and that World Cup summer feeling… with Bobby Robson

Now summer has finally arrived, we’ll be running a series of summery sexy sun sea and sand soccer specials in celebration… starting right here. Thanks go out to Chris Lee for sending in this remarkable historical document to the GNG Facebook funfest.

“Here’s Bobby Robson at the draw for the 1986 World Cup,” says Chris. “So THAT’S why they had short shorts in the ’80s… I’m so glad we’ve moved on from those days. The wife didn’t believe me either…”

Rarely has Adidas kit had a more inspirational showcase, complete with a couple of (tight) fitting tributes to Keith Weller and his tights. It’s enough to make you want to go up the park all day and act out all the goals from sunny Mexico.

“And I love the bald guy,” adds Chris. “‘I’m just gonna stare closely at this football and resist the temptation to take a sneaky peek at these delightful young ladies in their… d’oh!'”

Three cheers for Miss England, her magnificently approximate kit and smashing shag.

They don’t make hairstyles like that any more.

Got any saucy summery sunny scanty soccer pics to share with us? Bung ’em in to the usual contact address or to the GNG Facebook page, and let’s see how long we can keep this summery feeling going!

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