Classic 1960s Stylo Matchmaker boots and Mitre kit – courtesy of Law, Best and Charlton

Here’s three classic 1960s boots endorsed by Man U’s holy trinity of Charlton, Law and Best, courtesy of Stylo, Mitre and Bob’s own brand.

Dig the futuristic side laces and frontal goalbanging cushion recommended by Georgie for kids of all ages, despite his own marked reticence in adopting the style himself! I got a pair of the white ones without the luxury padding as my first ever boots circa 1970 and they cut my ankles to ribbons. Cool as hell, though but. Must’ve been on offer, not really my mum’s style at all!
1969 was also time to put your name down for a pair of Denis Law-approved Mitre boots, complete with “new design lace loops top protect your Achilles tendon” from the attentions of Chopper. And roll up also for a pair of ‘King’ shorts, “styled for action… and mighty stylish. Light, snug-fitting, rugged, cut for comfort – real freedom in action.”

And finally, a pair of Bobby Charlton’s own-brand signature booties from 1967, although the picture on the tag and the style both look as if their origins lay a few years – OK, a decade – earlier. Smart red laces, mind. And allegedly the very model slipped on by Bob himself on his mission to win the League for United that season.

If you are going on holiday in the UK this year it will probably piss down most of the time so you will need to take ‘Got, Not Got’ with you, available here

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