Saturday Morning eBay Trawl…

It costs nothing to look…

‘Got, Not Got’ presses it’s collective nose up against the shop window in awe…

Whoooaa! Less than a day to go and this Everton Action Man set has still to attract a bid at it’s £750 starting price.  The only slight downgrade, is that someone has torn one of the red stars off the front that you used to have to send off for free Action man goodies. We think that story adds to the value.

For those of you of a ‘buy-it-now’ persuasion how about this

An A&BC Scottish Footballers Tommy Cargill of Arbroath card for the knock-down, rock-bottom, bargain price of £9.99.
Bubbly not included.

For the collector on a budget how about this magnificent rendering of Robbie Fowler, complete with his own little nasal strip?

It already has one bid though, so be prepared to fork out upwards of £5.19… This mini-Robbie was produced by ‘Vivid Imaginations’ enough said.

You don’t have to be a Spurs fan to appreciate the total grooviness of this 1978 Tottenham Admiral away shirt.

But you might have to have a fair amount of wonga in your Paypal account. The bidding is hotting up and is about to go over the ton.

Or you could just but ‘Got, Not Got’ here or here…  one day it could be a collectors item!


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