Fun at the Euros: Pressing Record

Thank goodness I no longer feel the need to record every bit of every game of every football tournament…

There stands nine solid hours of Euro 88… England’s misery and Holland’s joy and everything inbetween.
And how much of this did I actually ever sit down and watch?
The action, such as Irleand’s win over England and the Soviet’s group win over Holland which would be avenged in the Final, lies dormant on miles of brown shiny tape.
I would actually quite like to have a look now, but no longer own a video recorder. VHS has gone the way of all formats…

I’ll probably ‘plus’ tonight’s England v Italy game, even though Family Guy, South Park, Doctor Who and Big Match Revisited are taking up about 85% of the space…

If only I’d known that YouTube would be invented, I wouldn’t have wasted so much time and tape…

Something definitely worth doing is buying ‘Got, Not Got – The A to Z of Football’s Lost Culture, Treasures and Pleasures’ online here…

25 five star reviews (and one 4 star) can’t be wrong.


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4 Responses to Fun at the Euros: Pressing Record

  1. Chris O says:

    I did the same for World Cup ’90. I must have ended up with about ten different VHS tapes full of BBC/ITV match coverage! As it is, I threw away those old tapes during the years that followed and though I’m glad not to have the clutter, I do wish I’d saved the tapes just to see how the coverage was presented at the time. Ah well, as you say, there’s always YouTube… 🙂

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