Fun at the Euros: Imaginative, Unusual and Frankly Flawed Teamgroups Euro Special!

Yay! It’s time for the Euros to kick off with a cagey draw! And to celebrate the long-awaited start of festivities behind the Iron Curtain we’ve only gone and sorted out a ‘Let’s Do This Season’s Teamgroup in an Unusual and Imaginative Location’ Special!

First up is Italy, with the bloke top left loudly berating his missing teammate for failing to turn up in time in a million-syllable, 4-second, largely pointless outburst. Sandro Mazzola is distracted. Luigi Riva looks weirdly tiny. We always thought he was a huge gladiator type like in Scorcher’s widely-forgotten Forward From Rome time-travel footballer strip.

Next up is Sweden in a farmyard. Careful, Bjorn, you’re dangling the end of your hallowed national pennant – Next To Ali Sverige Are the Greatest – in the assorted cow/pig/duck poo.

Best of all is a magnificently distracted West Germany in a gymnasium. So much for that supposed national characteristic of being well drilled at the back, etc. Only legendary goalie Sepp Maier keeps his eye fixed determinedly on the camera – what a pro – as the visiting party from Miss Munich 1970 enters through the gym door to the right.
More imaginative teamgroups which must have seemed like a good idea at the time:

1 – The original and still slightly alarming Harry Redknapp’s Bomo and the end of the pier, and more…
2 – Including the all-time classic Welsh welcome in the sheep-strewn hillside, and more…
3 – Including Oxford’s day trip to Blenheim Palace, Celtic in an airing cupboard and more…
4 – South Americans Special, inc. Peruvian censorship scandal, superimposed El Salvadorians and more…
5 – Surely the best best ever, including a crocodile in a shopping mall with Eric Cantona and a Lada.
6 – Antique weirdness in Brighton and Lanark, featuring a dog in a cornfield.
7 – Nobody did teamgroups with more lavish style than the NASL. Jumbo jets, carved mountains and ornamental lakes abound.

Tons more irresistible and luvverly old footy tat in ‘Got, Not Got’, available here for the price of a bottle of own-brand whisky, post free. It’s the ideal gift for Father’s Day. Provided you didn’t already get him one for Christmas, of course. In which case think whisky or conversation-starter tie.

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