Fun at the Euros: That Holland Kit

More evidence that the European Championships are a bit odd…

Remember that sort of fish scale/arrow flights pattern Holland shirt from the Germany 88 tournament?

Although it came from Adidas’s experimental era and was a bit bizarre, the players that wore it delivered some sliverware, which is more than any other Dutch side ever did.
Marco van Basten also wore it as he scored one of the greatest goals in the history of the game in the final versus ‘the’ USSR.

Although they are very rare a few still pop up on eBay…  if you feel the need to dress up as a goldfish.

By the way… were we the ONLY people who used to buy ‘Football Today’? I’ve never met anyone else…

More funny goings-on in ‘Got, Not Got’ – the perfect Father’s Day gift for the 40something Dad who has everything, or nothing – is available here at Amazon… 

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13 Responses to Fun at the Euros: That Holland Kit

  1. That kit is legendary! Also, I had an issue of Football Today…one with Cyrille Regis on the front when he played in the FA Centenary match of England V Rest of the World.

  2. Chris Worrall says:

    I had a few Football Todays. It was good while it lasted. Pity I didn’t keep them. I also got the three issues of Soccer International in the 80’s. That was a bit bizarre, like a coffee table mag, the sort you’d find in the dentist’s waiting room.

    • thefoxfanzine says:

      Yes, I had them too. Mostly style over substance!

      • Chris Worrall says:

        Agreed. I’ve still got mine, funnily enough there’s a big feature on kits in one of them, including said CCCP kit !

      • thefoxfanzine says:

        Would that be a very attractive young lady modelling the CCCP, Argentina and Brazil kits?

  3. Chris Worrall says:

    Yes I think that was the whole idea of the magazine. Not much actual football content ! As I recall they used to do those 70’s bubble pictures too, er, in the, er, 80’s. No wonder they only lasted three issues !

  4. I got a letter to the editor printed in Football Today about how much i “liked” Mr Moynihan, that little shrimp who attached himself to Thatcher and tried to close down football. Does anybody remember Football Kick? That also had scantily clad young ladies and glossy articles that didn’t tell you very much about football. Also, I’m still waiting for someone to acknowledge the existence of the Big Match Poster Magazine which was out in 1976. Utterly brilliant but hardly ever on Ebay. Full colour, no busty ladies but plenty of great action shots and sort of 70s style analysis. Please tell me I didnt imagine this.

    • thefoxfanzine says:

      I remember Football Kick, but not the poster one.
      Can you remember which FT your letter was in? I think I have all of them.

  5. haha, no idea, but I’m sure it was advertised on the front cover: “unhappy brat writes in!”
    I’ll try and scan a front page of the poster mag. It was truly out on its own…probably because it folded out into a huge …poster!

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