Let’s Do This Season’s Teamgroup in an Unusual Location – the All-time Winners?

Thanks go out to Kenneth McMahon for trawling up this outrageous treasure trove of overly ambitious/imaginative/shite teamgroups from a dark, hidden corner of one of our own very favourite footy websites, the surreally marvellous NASLjerseys.com.

See how many one-time contenders and also-rans you can spot here, long exiled from the English game due to dodgy knees which miraculously perked up given an extended promise of the easy life, scantily-clad cheerleaders and enthusiastic fannies packed into futuristic kickerdome bleachers… while the dream lasted.

It’s the Seattle Sounders by a big ornamental pond – starring Roger Davies, Alan Hudson, boss Alan Hinton…!
The Atlanta Chiefs by a mountain engraving of four blokes riding a horse – starring Brian Alderson!
Houston Hurricane and jumbo jet – starring ex-Stokie Stewart Jump and Lisbon Lion Bobby Lennox!

More imaginative teamgroups which must have seemed like a good idea at the time:

1 – The original and still slightly alarming Harry Redknapp’s Bomo and the end of the pier, and more…
2 – Including the all-time classic Welsh welcome in the sheep-strewn hillside, and more…
3 – Including Oxford’s day trip to Blenheim Palace, Celtic in an airing cupboard and more…
4 – South Americans Special, inc. Peruvian censorship scandal, superimposed El Salvadorians and more…
5 – Surely the best best ever, including a crocodile in a shopping mall with Eric Cantona and a Lada.
6 – Antique weirdness in Brighton and Lanark, featuring a dog in a cornfield.

Tons more irresistible old tat in ‘Got, Not Got’ available here for just £12.99, post free. Shortlisted for Best Football Book at the BSBA Awards at top people’s hotel The Savoy next Monday…

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3 Responses to Let’s Do This Season’s Teamgroup in an Unusual Location – the All-time Winners?

  1. Seattle Sounders! Excuse me, but Kenny Hibbitt (3), Steve Daley (10) – no way a number 10 but never mind; Roy Greaves (6) and I want to say Nicky Reid, Peter Ward and Wee Willie Krankie too, but I wont just in case.

  2. and Ray Evans! And my Uncle Fred!

  3. notgot says:

    Ray Evans! Good spot!

    Coh, whatever happened to Peter Ward?

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