Phew! What a Scorcher! No. 2: The Kid from Argentina

The second in our series of ‘Roy Race Replicas and Also-Rans’ revisits the footy comics’ response to the exciting vanguard of foreign imports arriving in the English game in the late ’70s. What a relief we never knew at the time that Jorge is pronounced ‘whore gay’….

2 – The Kid From Argentina!

First Division Manton County snap up an Argentine World Cup star, but things go pear-shaped and his 15-year-old namesake arrives instead. Boss Bert Trubshawe, logically enough, tries to keep the mistake secret.

This Roy of the Rovers staple disappeared sharpish in the early ’80s as soon as trouble flared on the Falklands. 

See also our Phew! What a Scorcher! intro article plus grubby tyke Nipper Lawrence entry.

More comic cuts, cloggers, Cossack and cotton tops in British Sports Book of the Year runner-up ‘Got, Not Got’ – available 
here for just £12.99, post free.

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