The Quest for the Coolest Football Card Ever – Players Looking Slightly Younger Special!

Having dipped our toe into the water of players looking slightly younger in the last round of preposterous foreigners – Mancini aged six; Torres aged eight and three-quarters – we were Twittered this astonishing cherubic baby Manu Petit and were alerted to a Zizou Zidane with hair.
We have Dan at to thank for the best of the rest, including a shocking Shilts muzzy and little Vince Jones pre film career typecast as a psychotic robot Cockney mass murderer who gets his shiort ripped off.

More cool crap cards here:
BAB Uglies and Not Very Good Drawings Special
Preposterous Foreigner Eighth Final
(hmm, they don’t have eighth finals any more, do they? And what’s this bloody modern rubbish ‘Round of 16′…)
6th Round replay 5th Round replay  4th Round replay 
3rd Round replay – 2nd Round replay1st Round replay

More luvverly old footer memorabilia, acting the giddy goat and counter-revolutionery arsiness in Got, Not Got – short-listed for BSBA Football Book of the Year 2012, and price hacked yet again on Amazon.

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