King Kenny is Dethroned

So winning the League Cup, Liverpool’s first silverware in 6 years, and reaching the FA Cup Final were not considered good enough achievements to keep Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish in a job…

Times, and priorities have changed. Premier League placings and subsequent European qualification are the only consideration and the rest is all fluff.
Just the other day I was watching ‘Big Match Revisited’ from 1983 and Manchester United manager Ron Atkinson was sat in the studio with a glass of champagne looking like the cat that got the cream because United had just beaten Arsenal in the FA Cup semi-final.
That was enough to keep him in cigars and gold chains back then.
The Fenway Sports Group and their like are running the game these days and Kenny didn’t balance the books.

For more harking backwards buy ‘Got, Not Got; here…  


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2 Responses to King Kenny is Dethroned

  1. That was a great bit of telly, especially when big Ron jested about Jimmy Melia running around the pitch in delight after Brighton’s semi final win.
    You can’t imagine Lineker and co getting the bubbly out in the studio.
    Was it the same episode which had the Foxes visit to Fulham? I bet you enjoyed that one although you’d never have guessed Lineker would become a future England hero on that performance!

  2. thefoxfanzine says:

    I’ve still got the Fulham one to watch. Brilliant day out, took 10,000 down there.
    Lineker got 26 goals that season, but it wasn’t his best game!

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